3 ON 3 FULL RULES - The following rules have been designed to ensure fair play for all participants. Each player is expected to understand these rules prior to participation in the tournament. 


Registration Fees

Register your team by filling out the registration form above


Registration Fee $60 by June 13, 2018


Information Needed To Register:

1.    Team Name

2.    Name & age of each player

3.    Team Captain Name & contact information


Tournament Date –  June 16, 2018


Tournament Location –  Tarrant County College South Campus GYM



17 and Under / 18 and Over,  (age as of  June 1, 2018) 

**The tournament your team will play in is determined by the oldest member on your team


Prior to game

Each member of the team must present a signed participation waiver form (from above) at check-in or will not be allowed to play. 

Each team must have four players on its roster who have been registered.There will be NO additions and/or changes made to roster after entry submission.

All games must start with three players on each team


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