Fort Worth Juneteenth is now accepting auditions for the
Festival Entertainment Main Stage



If you are a performing artist and would like to be considered for the show,

complete the registration below

Simple rules

The Juneteenth Festival is a family event so song selections should be appropriate for children, adults and seniors.

Song selections should be performed in English with no vulgar language or obscene references.

Positive and uplifting songs are encouraged.

 Making A Great Video

  1. Send us a video submission or record a great video of your favorite song (2 minutes max). Please be aware of the lighting of your video.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube, or your favorite channel of your choice
  3. Provide your link submission to the talent committee

Additional Information

Email headshots or promotional photos if you have them

Thank you for auditioning for The Juneteenth Festival 2018.  We look forward to reviewing your submission.

Cinetrea Grace-Williams 

619 Productions, Inc.

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