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The mission of the Miss Juneteenth Pageant is to provide a forum for young women to enhance their self-esteem, explore self-expression and provide areas for personal development training. Our mission of excellence includes the following goals and objectives: 

Self-esteem enhancement through:

  1. Public speaking training
  2. Poise training
  3. Image consulting
  4. Positive reinforcement

 Self-expression development through:

  1. Essay writing
  2. Talent coaching
  3. Public events participation

 Personal development training through:

  1. Educational seminars
  2. Career development opportunities
  3. Opportunities for community service
  4. Networking with other young woman

The Miss Juneteenth Pageant continues to positively and progressively impact the lives of young women. This impact is accomplished through the training and seminars provided to the contestants.  Even though this is a pageant, there is a sisterhood created among the contestants, and this intangible benefit is the most impactful.

Contestants in the Miss Juneteenth Pageant are awarded scholarships to further their education. These scholarships greatly enhance the possibility of a young lady fulfilling her ultimate goals.  Cash scholarships are awarded to the winners in the Miss Juneteenth category.  Winners of the Teen and Jr. Miss categories receive savings bonds.

Eligibility Requirements

Pageant Category                    Ages

Miss Juneteenth                      18 - 22

Teen Miss Juneteenth              15-17

Junior Miss Juneteenth            12-14

 Contestants must:

  • Be a student in good standing with 2.5 GPA or better
  • Must be single
  • Not have a criminal record
  • No dependents
  • Have ability and desire to represent Juneteenth throughout Tarrant County in a positive and progressive light
  • Miss Teen and Miss Junior Juneteenth must have parental consent 


Meeting Location is Tarrant County College South Campus Student Union

5301 Campus Drive ~ Fort Worth, TX 76119

Meeting Schedule

March 26-Informational/ Pageant Overview

March 27- Informational/ Pageant Overview

April 2-College Exploration

April 9-Essay Writing

April 16

April 23-Public Speaking/Gr ace

April 30-Poise/Grace

May 7-Picking your Pageant Dress

May 14-Opening #/Talent

May 21-Question/Introduction/Opening #

May 29-Health Skin/Basic Glamor<-Note date change

June 4-Pageant Walk Thru

June 11- Pageant Walk Thru

June 15-Juneteenth Youth Choir Explosion

June 16-Juneteenth Parade & Festival

June 17-Pageant

June 18-Juneteenth Honors Banquet

June 19-Juneteenth Community Forum 


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