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Special Thank You to our Partners and Sponsors and everyone who made this year a success! 



To every person that participated including every car driver and passenger, every corporate sponsor, public official and civil servant to all the people who lined the streets and those who even walked with us, Ms. Opal and the entire Juneteenth Fort Worth team appreciate your public support. We are sure we made history with more than 300 cars following her as she completed the 2.5 miles from the Fort Worth Convention Center to Will Rogers Auditorium. Not one car got out of the caravan in the 1.5 hours it took her to complete the journey. 

Ms. Opal wants you to know "My feet are tired, but my soul is happy! Thanks so much for your support. If you haven't already, please sign the petition so Congress knows it's not just one little old lady in tennis shoes who wants Juneteenth to be a national holiday."






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Juneteenth Flag Raising

Celebrating the 12 Freedoms Gained when Juneteenth Came

Opal's Walk for Juneteenth Caravan

Unique morning parade that reflects the unity in our city


Breakfast of Prayer & Ecumenical Service
Celebrating the Unity of the Spirit that Freedom Brings


LIVE STREAM Juneteenth the Stage Play
Co-written, directed and produced by Greg Ellis


Miss Juneteenth the Movie

Understanding the importance of family, love and tradition


Virtual “Empowering You” Event

Health, Job, Education, Financial Fairs


Erma Johnson Hadley Juneteenth Honors Banquet 

Celebrating the accomplishments of the community in the Fall


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