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Check in 9:00AM / Kickoff 10:45AM


We are excited to have you join us for Opal's Walk for Freedom! To ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience, here are some important details to keep in mind before you go:


  • Please refer to the designated parking areas near the event venue. Please enter at the Rosedale and Evans intersection. Parking attendants will be available to guide you. 

  • Ensure that you follow all parking regulations and avoid blocking driveways or emergency access points.

Check-In Process:

  • Walkers must register on RaceRoster prior to the event. Please make sure you have completed your registration online.

  • Onsite registrations will be available for those who haven't registered in advance. Please arrive early if you need to register onsite.

  • Upon check-in, you will receive your commemorative shirt. We kindly ask that all participants wear their shirts during the walk.

  • Groups are encouraged to wear matching attire or customize their shirts to showcase their unity and spirit.

Walkers Staging:

  • Walkers will be divided into different sections for a smooth and organized start.

  • Line up will be as follows:

    • Dr. Opal and VIPs

    • Human Barricade

    • Groups

    • Individual Walkers

    • Big Vehicles

    • Vehicle Parade

Vehicle Staging:

  • Participants with vehicles taking part in the event will have a designated staging area across from Hazel Harvey Peace Center. Please follow the instructions provided by event staff.

The Route:

  • The walk route will be clearly marked and staffed with volunteers to guide you along the way.

  • We kindly request that all participants stay within the designated route for safety and organizational purposes.






Community After Party:

  • Following the walk, join us for a community after party at Evans Plaza following the walk. Details will be provided at the event.

Smile, You're on Camera:

  • This event will be live-streamed, and cameras will be capturing the memorable moments throughout the walk.

  • We encourage you to smile and enjoy the experience. Your participation grants Unity Unlimited, Inc full rights to the use of your likeness and may be featured in event coverage. 


Follow and Tag Us:

  • We invite you to follow and tag us on social media with your content from the event. We would love to share your experience and celebrate together.

  • Use our official event hashtags to connect with the larger community.

    • Hashtags: #OpalsWalkForFreedom #Juneteenth #WalkForUnity

Connect with us:

  • Website:

We hope this "Know Before You Go" guide helps you prepare for the National Opal's Walk for Freedom. Thank you for joining us in this historic celebration. Let's make it a day to remember!

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