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  1. Sanitation: Cooks are to prepare and cook with respectable sanitation. This includes but is not limited to using gloves, washing hands, and avoiding cross contamination. If you do not prepare your food day of competition, it should be kept at appropriate temperature and in appropriate containers. If judges inspect your food and it appears to fail a standard of sanitation, it is subject to be disqualified, for the health of the judges.

  2. Entry limitations: You are allowed to submit one entry per category. However, you are allowed to submit one entry to as many categories as you would like. For example, you could not submit two macaroni entries, but you are allowed to submit a macaroni entry, a potato salad entry, and a dessert entry. 

  3. Ticket System: In order to ensure fairness in our competition, each entry will be assigned a ticket number. The registrant will receive a corresponding ticket number. Entries will be titled their ticket number and will be called in awards by their entry number. Upon receiving your award, you will be asked to show your matching ticket for approval. Copies of the ticket number including but not limited to handwritten list, photographs etc. will not be accepted.

  4. Registration: Registration can be found online through the JuneteenthDFW website. Your registration fee of $10 is expected with registration. It is a $10 fee per entry. For example, if you register an entry in greens and dessert, it will be a total of $20. 

  5. Check-in: You must check-in your entry/entries within the designated time (2:00-2:30PM). Entries before or after the time interval will not be accepted. This is not the circumstance however if there is a time flaw on our part. For example, if there is a line due to an unexpected number of registrations, a competitor will not be penalized for being late if they were waiting in the line. 

  6. Judging scale: Each category will be judged according to appearance, taste, and texture on a scale of 5-10, 5 being bad and 10 being outstanding. The overall score of an entry will be determined by the sum of the subcategories. For example, an entry was awarded a 7 for appearance, 8 for taste, and 6 for texture, the entry would be scored an overall 21. The higher your overall score, the better your entry. 

  7. Absent for Awards: If a competitor has won an award however is not there when their ticket number is called, we will wait till the end of the awards for their attendance. If they are still not there by the end of the awards, the competitor will lose their award. 


  • What to expect day of competition

    • Upon check-in, we will assign your entry a ticket number and keep your entry in appropriate storage until judging. 

    • Each category has been assigned a time for judging. Each category will take approximately 30 minutes to judge. This is subject to change depending on number of entries. However, if a category is finished being judged before the 30 minute interval, we will not start the next judging early. 

    • Scoring cards will be tallied after each category by our volunteers. 

    • Awards will be announced in the order they were judged.

    • Prices will be awarded upon announcement. 

  • Check-in will be 2:00-2:30PM. Location of registration is to be announced. 

ENTRY FEE $10.00 for any of the categories selected. Please indicate competition categories:
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