Unity Unlimited Scholarship Application 

Deadline: June 1, 2022

Graduating High School Seniors:

It is with great pleasure that the Juneteenth Fort Worth Committee supports the educational
goals of the youth in our community. As an expression of our commitment to the youth, we
offer a $1,000 college scholarship to a graduating high school senior (male or female) who has
plans to continue their post-secondary education by attending a vocation/training institute,
Junior College or College/University of their choice. Scholarship funds will be disbursed by
check to the College/University and will be sent by certified mail. We congratulate you on
your successes thus far and celebrate your dedication to your education and academic

If you plan to apply for consideration, please review the following information.


All candidates must submit:
1. An official copy of your high school transcript that notes your GPA
2. At least three letters of recommendation from a teacher, counselor or pastor/minister
(but not more than five)
3. Participate in Your Voice Unleashed 2021
4. A completed scholarship application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
5. A double-spaced typed essay of at least 500 words to address the following statement:


Now that Juneteenth is a national holiday, the real work must begin. How can Juneteenth bring people together to overcome the effects of slavery in America?”

I. Personal Information 

II. Academic & Extracurricular Activities

III. Future Plans


III. Finanical Statment 

Please note: An incomplete budget will mean that your application cannot be considered. Show total family income and expenses.

1st Year Estimated Expenses:

Financial Resources:

Complete a double spaced typed essay of at least 500 words to address the following statement:

Appreciation for the differences on our culture is a hallmark of the freedom we celebrate in America. However fear, racial tension and hate crimes continue to divide us every day. As leaders of tomorrow, what do you feel can be done to overcome prejudice in the next generation.

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Application can be submitted online at www.juneteenthftw.com/scholarship
OR mailed to: Unity Unlimited, Inc. P.O. Box 11793 Fort Worth, TX 76110
For any questions regarding the scholarship requirements, please contact:
Laura Stanton (817) 917-5678 llstanton77@gmail.com